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Medical Science Liaison

Medical Science Liaison

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Medical Science Liaison

MSI are seeking to fill a position for a Medical Science Liaison for a well known global pharmaceutical company.


Reporting to the MSL Manager, the Medical Science Liaison is responsible for the implementation of the local affiliates Medical Plan and tactics that support the successful commercialisation of in-market and future company products.

This is a field-based, non-promotional role. The incumbent will be the medical and scientific expert for the therapy area. The main areas of responsibility include responding re-actively to unsolicited requests for information from health care professionals, building collaborative relationships and partnerships with the objective to improve patients management with opinion leaders and facilitating the exchange of unbiased scientific information between the medical community and the company through best-in-class medical education.

The incumbent is responsible for ensuring all activities are executed in accordance with regulatory and legal frameworks including but not limited to GCP, IFPMA and local regulations e.g. deontologic professional dispositions, as well as company Policies and Health care compliance procedures.

Purpose of the role

As a representative of the regional medical department, the MSL's responsibilities in their area of therapeutic expertise are:

· To provide scientific and medical information in response to requests from Health care Professionals (HCPs)
· To develop partnerships to optimise patients management
· The MSL will perform these duties in the assigned area / territory.

Main Functions

· Responsible for Scientific and Medical Information
· Provides high quality, balanced scientific and medical information (clinical data, development, publications etc according to the needs of the experts or health professionals, through individual interviews or scientific meetings in a timely manner,
· Produce information materials including:
- Updated and comprehensive bibliographic analysis
- Summary documents
- Creation or adaption of specific slide decks
· Responds, as needed to scientific and medical questions, during medical commissions of hospitals, regarding the proper use of medicine.
· Ensures the regional medical strategy - Medical Affairs Planning
· Identifies medical experts and institutional networks (care decision-makers, public health organisations, etc) of their area of expertise in their region
· Analyses all the environmental characteristics of the therapeutic area in relation to the regional context.
· Identifies the path of patients in the health system of their region
· Defines the regional medical strategic issues related to the national strategy of the company
· Reviews, implements, and follows regional medical plans
· Ensures coordination with the matrix team to achieve the plan
· Is the guarantor of the scientific and ethical quality of the projects in the respect of the Professional Deontological Provisions of the LEEM and the applicable regulations
· Manages scientific and medical projects
· Establishes, in partnership with the expert health professionals of their region, non-promotional regional medical operations
· Organises and facilitates groups of experts (boards) to fulfil their projects
· Establishes, with health professionals in their region, programs aimed at optimising patients management, in particular:
- Support care network interactions
- Support the design of information programs, etc
- Drives scientific education programs, etc
- Drives scientific education programs
- Contributes to the coordination of the company sponsored trials in accordance with the company's strategy
· Identifies and selects the scientific study projects proposed by the clinicians of their region and submits them for approval in accordance with company standard operation procedures
· Supports the local implementation of the companies sponsored studies
· Identify the investigators and centres
· Conduct feasibility studies
· Train the investigators and their team on the product at the time of Site Initiation Visit
· Present the study results to the investigators
· Establishes and follows regional observational studies to evaluate therapeutic strategies
· Ensures support of the life cycle management of all products
· Ensures medical responsibility in the region
· Within their area of expertise, trains the different parties in contact with health care professionals.
· Ensures reporting of pharmacovigilance cases in his region in support of the PV department
· Responds to requests for medical and scientific information with respect to the proper use of medicine.
· Monitors therapeutic strategies (clinical studies, pipeline, conference communications, scientific partnerships, etc.)
· Collects, analyses and reports information that may impact development plans, clinical trial projects, launch strategies.
· Organises unsolicited medical meetings including for HCPs in hospitals and/or PR type with external speakers e.g., companies hematoclub meetings in line with applicable regulation
· Maintains an up to date and high level of knowledge of the therapy area and company products by attending appropriate scientific congresses